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How did it all start? 

I started getting into music in my early teens. We had a piano at home so I taught myself how to play and the singing quickly followed. Busking on Grafton Street seemed like a brilliant idea of how to make a few bob during college so I picked up the Guitar and Ukulele because it would have been a pain to lug a piano around.

I was writing songs all through college, every spare minute really and a few years ago I decided to start putting them out on YouTube.


Takin’ Over France.

Two of my friends gave me the idea for the song because there was a group of us going over to the Euros. Initially I thought no way am I writing a soccer song because they’re all cheesy but I messed around with a few ideas and something good came out. Sure only a few people will hear it anyway. Right?

Of course it went bloody viral after Pundit Arena’s live video of it from Bordeaux. Reaction was crazy, I was getting messages from all over World. When I got back home I was supposed to be going to Asia for 5 weeks but I held off to record it in a studio and release it. It was well worth it because it went straight to No. 1 and I got a free trip back to France and a ticket for the last 16 game against the French. Score


There’s Only One Conor McGregor

I had the idea for quite some time. As soon as the Mayweather fight was announced I decided I’d have a go at writing it. You know when you do something and it feels just right. Everything seemed to click. 

Two nights later I got word from Conor McGregor’s management that he loved the song and wanted to fly myself and a friend over to Las Vegas and put us up in the same hotel as his family plus tickets to the fight of the century. 

The week leading up to it was surreal with the worldwide reaction and interviews, getting another No.1 and raising money for Crumlin’s Children’s Hospital through the proceeds of the song. The weekend itself was the best weekend of my life. I spent it like a celebrity getting recognized, signing autographs everywhere being treated like a king and experiencing one of the biggest fights of all time. 


So what’s next? 

Music has taken over my life in the past 12 months. I just took on management to deal with the amount of enquirers that come in. We’re starting to record my debut record and booking tours for Early 2018. It’s been a crazy year but I can’t wait to get my music out for everyone to hear. Thanks so much for supporting my music. Hope to see you all at BARE FESTIVAL in July

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