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BARE 18 Will Once Again Team Up With MOBSTAR
To Find The Best Up & Coming Talent In The Country
Download the Mobstar app and upload an entry to the Bare Festival 2018 Category for an opportunity to play at the festival. Mobstar is the first and largest open network of authentic music talent that will allow users and fans to immediately discover, share, engage, follow and directly support their favourite rising talent.




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Check Out Some Frequently Asked Questions

YES , There will be an artist parking area with 24 hour Security in place.

Yes we have a secure lock up on site for artist who wish to leave their gear with us

Easy !   Select the User Profile Picture , Now select the Follow option top Right of your screen

YES , From the MobStar Main Feed select CATEGORY , select the category that you want to view ” Bare Festival 2018 ” and hit OK.

Now all other ongoing competitions on MobStar will be De-activated and you will only be viewing Bare 18 Auditions. Enjoy

If you find some Bands That you love give them a like and share, Hit them up with a cool support message in the comments section.

We Suggest that you use you Artist or Band Name as the username.

This way it makes its easier for fans, family and friends to find your account and Vote for you.

Its Really quite EASY !

Select the + icon Top Right of the Screen

Select Enter MobStar

Select Bare Festival 2018

Select What media you want to upload

Absolutely YES,

You can download MobStar for free from the App Store or Android Store.

Yes there will be a dedicated artist camping area provided on site.  Tents and Fluffy Pillows will NOT be provided, you will need to bring your own.

YES, The BARE team will be promoting all uploads to MobStar across our social network to gauge response from the great big BARE Family

It is a great way to get your name and music out to the BARE Family ahead of your Big Gig at the Festival.

YES , If you have a YouTube Channel for your music you can upload those videos Directly within the MobStar App

Simply Hit the + icon top right of the screen and choose upload from YouTube.

One Very Important Note:     To use this feature you must create your MobStar Account with the same email that you created your YouTube Account so the Accounts can sync together!!

A great way to impress the BARE Audition Team and build your fanbase is to have your current fans, Family & Friends Vote for you.

They can Vote for you by simply Downloading The FREE MobStar app, Finding your Band User Profile and Voting YES on your Uploads by swiping Right

They can Share your uploads on their social media ( Facebook , Twitter etc.. ) to help you get more Votes.

Simple Right 🙂

The MobStar App is Free to download for the App Store or Android Play Store, It is the same process you use to download any app.

How easy is that 🙂

We will have full backline available, If you are chosen to Play the Bare you can send your Tech Specs to the Artist Liaison Team.

The MobStar App is very simple to use, If you can’t find the answer to any issues your are here in the FAQ section please drop us a message below and we will try and get you up and running.

Only auditions uploaded through MobStar can be promoted by BARE .

If you are selected to Play at the Festival our Artist Liaison Team will be in touch to discuss all the details.

BARE Festival 2018 will be held in Borris House, Borris, Co.Carlow, for more info please visit the Venue Section of our Site or click on the link here “Venue”

If you are selected to Play at the Festival our Artist Liaison Team will be in touch to discuss all the details.

We will only be supplying artist passes + one crew member Pass

The Average Set Time is approx 30 Minutes but this can vary depending on Stage and Time Slot

If you are selected to Play at the Festival our Artist Liaison Team will be in touch to discuss all the details.

Artist will be sporadically selected throughout the lead up to the Festival.

We encourage artists to use the MobStar App and upload Frequently to increase their online presence and Vote Count.

Share as much music with the BARE Family as you can and don’t forget those behind the scenes videos.

It you are selected to Play the BARE our artist Liaison team will be in touch to discuss all the details.

Bands, Solo Artists, Comedians, Spoken Word

We are an open Genre Festival, If you think you have talent and want to share it with the BARE Family Please apply.


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